Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 16


“SrimushNam perumal with Sri and bhU devimAr”



vyomaati la~Nghini vibhoH pralayaamburaashau
veshanta lesha iva maatum. h ashakya muurteH.
sadyaH samudra vasane sarasair. h akaarShiiH
aananda saagaraM apaaraM apaa~Nga paataiH.. 16

This shlokam describes the bliss that VarAha BhagavAn experienced, when His Devi’s glances fell on Him at the Naaga lOkam. Her glances were filled with indescribable love for Him. VarAha BhagavAn felt that He was immersed in an immense Ocean of bliss that was much bigger than the little ocean in which He stepped in to rescue His dear Devi.


Oh BhUmi Devi having the oceans as Your mantle! Your Lord entered into the mighty waters of PraLayam, which touched the sky with a gigantic form that made those immense waters look like a little pond. The waters of the deluge flowed past the sky itself (VyOma adhilanghini PraLaya ambhurAsi). That water compared to the gigantic form of the VarAha Moorthy was like a little pond. Some describe the depth of the ocean as being equivalent to the puddle formed by the hoof of a calf, when compared to the immense size of the Lord. Varaaha BhagavAn’s form grew and grew and touched the Sky. Before that all pervading form of the VarAha Moorthy, the ocean was like a tiny collection of water in the back yard. The waters were not enough for His gigantic form to immerse in. He saw You and lifted You up, embraced You and placed You on His tusk to bring You back to His supreme abode. You cast Your glances on Him with great affection and admiration. His Joy swelled up and flowed like an ocean of bliss. It appeared as though BhUmi Devi helped to create this ocean of bliss for Him to immerse in at a time when there was not enough water in the PraLaya waters.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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