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Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 17

Saranatha perumal with Saranayaki, Sri, bhU & neelA naachchimAr
Saranatha perumal with Saranayaki, Sri, bhU & neelA naachchimAr



damShTraa vidaarita mahaasura shoNitaa~NkaiH
a~NgaiH prayastava dadhe parirambha liilaam. h.
saa te payodhi jala keli samutthitaayaaH
sairandhrikeva vidadhe navam. h a~Ngaraagam. h. 17

This shlokam describes the sweet occasion when the Joyous VarAha PerumAn embraces His Devi after “rescuing” Her from PaathALam. Lord’s embrace and the effects there off are covered in this shlokam.


Oh BhUmi PirAtti! The Lord dear to You tracked down HiraNyAkshan to PaathALam, where he had taken You (BhUmi Devi ). Your Lord found the asuran and tore him apart with His cannine teeth, rose up thereafter through the ocean and rescued You. During that ascent through the sea, both You and Your Lord were engaged in Jala KreeDai. The fragrant pastes on Your ThirumEni were affected by those sports in the water and got dissolved. Your Lord embraced You then tightly. The wounds arising from His earlier fight with HiraNyAkshan opened up again and spilled blood. That blood stained Your body during the Lord’s embrace. Your alankArams were spoiled from the earlier Jala KreeDai. The decoration of Your body now with the blood stains from the body of Your Lord suggested that a servant girl named the AalingaNam (the embrace of the Lord) had redecorated Your body with a new alankAram.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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