Srimath Andavam Mangalasasanam At Srirangapatnam


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On October 26, 2013, HH Srimath Srimushnam Andavan Sri Rangaramanuja Maha Desikan offered mangalasasanam to Sri Ranganatha and Swami Desikan at Srirangapatnam. On the occasion of Swami Desikan Gandha Podi Utsavam, there was purappadu of Swami Desikan along with Perumal and Ubhaya Nachiyars on this day.

Several sishyas and devotees got the blessings of the Acharyan, Swami Desikan and Perumal. Located about 16km North East of Mysore off the Bangalore- Mysore Highway on the banks of the Cauvery is the Lord Ranganathaswamy temple in the island town of Srirangapatna. Lord Ranganatha is seen in a reclining posture referred to as Yoga Sayanam. This is one of the important Swayambu Ranganatha Kshetrams.

The following are some of the photographs taken during the mangalasasanam by Srimath Andavan… Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_00 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_01 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_02 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_03 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_04 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_05 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_06 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_07 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_08 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_09 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_10 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_11 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_12 Srimath Andavan_Srirangapatna_13

Photo Courtesy: Sri Rajiv Chakaravarthy

About the temple:

The temple of Lord Sri Ranganatha is  1400 years old. It has been built in many stages by many rulers of the place. The temple has a five storied Raja Gopuram (entrance tower that looks similar to a cow’s face with horns) built by Vijayanagara kings, a very big external prakaram (outer corridor) that comprises of the thiru mada palli (divine kitchen with a well), few mantapas (four pillared stages), a small pond, thiru tulasi mantapam (sacred tulasi plant) and a Lord Balaji temple. Then comes the sukanasi, with many huge pillars having stone carvings of the Lord. Some of the important being the lord Ranganathar with is consorts Sree Devi and Bhoo Devi and Lord Krishna. This also has two big mantapas on either side. Sukanasi also houses the Ugrana (the divine store room).

Sri Ranganathaswamy is the presiding deity of the temple. The main shrine of the temple has the archa-vigraha of Ranganathaswamy, the form of Lord Vishnu in the reclining posture on the coils of the serpent Adi Sesha. Ranganathaswamy archa-vigraha of this temple is the largest Ranganathaswamy archa-vigraha in the entire state of Karnataka. The main entrance of the temple has four pillars sculpted with 24 forms of Lord Vishnu. It was constructed during Vijayanagara period. Apart from this, most of the pillars of this temple are in the unique Hoysala style. Sri Ranganayaki is the main godess of the temple. She has a seperate shrine.

Srirangapatna is among the Pancharanga kshetram along the river kaveri, others being srirangam, tiruvindalur, kumbakonam and Koyiladi. For more details, please visit Srirangapatna
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