Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 19

Sri Bhumi Devi sametha Sri Oppiliappan
Sri Bhumi Devi sametha Sri Oppiliappan
Sri Bhumi Devi sametha Sri Oppiliappan



bhartustamaala ruchire bhuja madhya bhaage
paryaaya mauktikavatii pR^iShataiH payodheH.
taapaanubandha shamanii jagataaM trayaaNaaM
taaraapathe sphurasi taarakitaa nisheva. . 19

This shlokam describes the scene, where the Lord embraces BhUmi DEvi with His shoulders.


Oh BhUmi Devi! You destroy the sorrows of people in all the three worlds. When one visualizes the white drops of sea water sticking to Your ThirumEni, one is reminded of the white pearls being enmeshed on to Your limbs. Your hue is blue. Your Lord’s body hue is that of a greenish blue. You are seated on His chest. Your dark hue with the glistening drops of sea water makes it look like a dark night sky illumined with sprinkling white stars.

BhU DEvi is saluted here with the tender naamam: “ThrayANAm JagathAm taapa anubhandha Samanee”. She is sitting on the region between the two shoulders (Chest region) and the breaking waves on that sea shore leave behind little water drops on Her limbs. Those water drops glisten against the dark color of Hers and Her Lord’s limbs. Swamy Desikan is reminded of the scene of a dark night filled with twinkling white stars, when he enjoys the sight of the water drops on BhUmi PirAtti’s limbs.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

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