Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 20





aasakta vaasava sharaasana pallavaistvaaM
saMvR^iddhaye shubha taTidguNa jaala ramyaiH.
devesha divya mahiShiiM dhR^ita sindhu toyaiH
jiimuuta ratna kalashair. h abhiShi~nchati dyauH. . 20

This shlokam enjoys the divine coronation for BhUmi Devi as the Empress of all the worlds (Sarva LokEswari). The key words are: “DevEsa dhivya mahisheem ThvAm abhishinjathi”. Who does this abhishEkam? The aakAsam does this Thirumanjanam for the Divine consort of the Lord.


The worldly custom during the royal coronation for a queen is to bathe Her in consecrated waters from the vessels adorned with gems, white threads and decorated with leaves of Mango saplings. The waters from sacred rivers and the ocean are stored in these vessels. The waters in these kumbhams are consecrated with Veda manthrams and are poured over the head of the queen. After undergoing abhishEkam in this manner, the queen thrives and prospers in her royal duties. In the case of BhUmi PirAtti, there was a grand abhishEkam and coronation ceremony on the sea side. In this coronation, the sky serves as the lady in attendance, who helps assembling the waters for the coronation. The dark clouds are the vessels of coronation fitted with the blue gems. The rainbows in the sky are like the Mango leaves. The flashing lightnings are the white threads wound around the body of the kalasams. The attendant girl (aakAsam) places the rain bows of Mango leaves in the pot of the clouds and ties it with the white threads of lightning and collects the water from the ocean for the abhishEkam for BhUmi Devi’s coronation. As a result of this sacred ceremony on a cosmic scale, the earth becomes fertile and abundant crops are realized.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

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