Thiruvallur Veeraraghava Perumal Aippasi Amavasai Thirumanjanam And Purappadu


Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_00

Today (November 3, 2013), being Aippasi Amavasai, speical Thirumanjanam And Purappadu took place for Sri Veeraraghava Perumal at Thiruvallur divya desam, located about 50kms from Madras on the Madras-Arakkonam rail route. Detailed sthala puranam of Thiruvallur can be read from: Sthala Puranam – Thiruvallur – Veeksharanya Kshetram

Another signifiance of today’s event at Thiruvallur is the samarpanam of Silver Spadigam for Sri Veeraraghava Perumal.

Some of the photos taken during Thirumanjanam, Purappadu and samarpanam of Silver Spadigam can be viewed below

Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_01Thiruvallur_1 Thiruvallur_2 Thiruvallur_3 Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_00 Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_02 Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_03 Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_04 Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_05 Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_06 Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_07 Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_08 Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_09 Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_10 Thiruvallur_Aipassi Amavasai_11

Courtesy: Sri Aravamudhan

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