Aradhanam of HH 41st Srimath Azhagiyasingar at Srirangam Dasavathara Sannidhi


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Today November 7, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Sukla Paksha Panchami, was the aradhanam of HH 41st Srimath Azhagiyasingar SriVan Sathakopa SriLakshmiNrisimha Yathindra Mahadesikan. Aradhanam means the day of Paramapadaprapthi and is observed according to thithi.

Veda parayanam and Divya Prabandha parayanam commenced on November 5, 2013 and concluded today. The greatgrandsons of HH conduct this with utmost Shraddha and spend generously in every field. Everyday special prasadams like brinjal rice, lemon rice, pulihore were made and distributed in sumptuous quantity after Theertham and Sri Sathari. The Parayana Swamis deserve praise for coming on time and chanting sonorously. Today’s recitation of Sri Ramanuja Nutranthathi was a treat to hear.

Today morning, Thirumanjanam was done to the archa thirumeni of HH 41st Srimath Azhagiyasingar at the Brindavanam in Dasavatharan Sannidhi. Those present had treat for the eyes and ears (chanting of Prabandhams and Vedas were going on) besides having darshan of Mukkur Srimath Azhagiyasingar and the upcoming Brindavanam of HH 45th Srimath Azhagiyasingar. There was purappadu for Srimath Azhagiyasingar wherein swamis took turns to be Sripadamthangis and to offer chamarams to HH. Srimath Azhagiyasingar was taken inside Sri Dasavatharan Sannidhi where MalaMaryadhai was offered at Dasavathara Sannidhi, Thirumangai Azhwar sannidhi, Swami Desikan Sannidhi and Adivan Sathakopan Sannidhi. Then Srimath Azhagiyasingar was taken in Pradakshinam of Dasavatharan Sannidhi after accepting offerings of devotees on the way. After reaching the Brindavanam Periya Satrumurai took place and those present got Theertham, Padhukas of HH 41st Jeeyar and Sripadhatheertham (it is customary to offer kanigai for Sripadhatheertham). After this the goshti was given Pulihore prasadam inside Dasavatharan Sannidhi. This was over by 11 am.

At about 1.30 pm, sishyas had the bhagiam of prostrating the three swamis who had Nimantranam for the aradhana and got akshatai. Then, there was Thadeearadhanai wherein the menu followed for Shraardham was served along with dakshinai (Rs 5 each for men and women). Blessed were those who could partake in the function.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today….

HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_000 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_003 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_001 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_004 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_008 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_010 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_012 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_011 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_013 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_019 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_022 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_028 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_029 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_031 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_032 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_035 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_038 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_039 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_040 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_044 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_046 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_049 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_051 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_054 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_057 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_060 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_063 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_065 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_066 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_067 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_070 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_072 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_075 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_077 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_078 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_079 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_082 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_084 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_089 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_094 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_100HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_1 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_2 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_3 HH 41st Azhagiyasingar_4

Srimathsadari Sadakopa Yatheendra Rangi,

Karyathmajhatha Munibhir Gurusarvabhoumai:

Samprekshitham Karunayaa Paripoorna Bhodham,

LakshmiNrisimha Satakopa Munim Bhajhama:

Poorvashrama Vaibhavam:

 On the banks of Tamraparni in Tirunelveli Dist. the agraharam Karakuruchi is the avathara sthalam of two Azhagiasingars of Sri Ahobila Muth: 40th and 41st Srimadh Azhagiasingars.

In the Tamil year Anandha, Margazhi Pooratathi day (December 1854) 41st Srimadh Azhagiasingar took avatharam as the putra ratnam of Ubha Ve Rangachariar swami and Smt. Lakshmi Devi in the Vadhoola gothram. Rangachariar Swami did Srimadh Ramayana parayanam and Srimadh Bhaghavatha parayanam every day. Srimadh Azhagiasingar’s Poorvashrama tirunamam was Ubha Ve. Thattai Ramabadrachariar .Swami had samashrayanam at the feet of 33rd Srimadh Azhagiasingar Sri Van Sathakopa Sri Sathakopa Yathindra Mahadesikan.  Ramabadrachariar swami had for his gurus Ubha Ve.Varadachariar Swami and Ubha Ve Ramabadrachariar swami and mastered kavyam, natakam, alankaram, vyakaranam, tarkam, Sri Vedantha Desika’s divya sukthis. Swami did kalakshepam of Srimadh Rahasyatrayasaram, Bhaghavadh Vishayam etc. Swami followed strictly Aacharam and Anushtanam and was a master of all vidyas. Swami entered grihastashrama at the appropriate age and had as his sahadharmacharini Kubjavalli (Janaki). They had paripoorna Lakshmi kataksham and could be termed aristocrats but they led life according to Vedic principles. They had a daughter by name Lakshmi and three sons: Sri Rangachariar, Sri Gopalachariar and Sri Srinivasachariar.  Swami had bharanyasam at the feet of 34th Srimadh Azhagiasingar Sri Van Sathakopa SriSathakopa Ramanuja Yathindra Mahadesikan. Swami did kalakshepam of the four Sri Vaishnava granthams under the tutlege of 34th Srimadh Azhagiasingar and became patram to His divya kataksham.

 The Divine Call:

Swami was called to adorn the Ahobila Muth Asthanam, in the Tamil year Dundhubhi, Thai masam Uthirradam nakshatram, Wednesday (17 January 1923) at Tuvariman (near Madurai).  HH assumed the Tirunaamam Sri Van Sathakopa Sri Lakshmi Nrisimha Yathindra Mahadesikan. HH saw to it that 40th Srimadh Azhagiasingar’s charama kainkaryam was done appropriately according to Vedic norms. He made arrangements for Brindavanam sthaphanam as also for divyamangala vigraha pratishtai of 40th Srimadh Azhagiasingar as also arrangements for  nityaradhanam as also vishesha aradhanam during Tirunakshatram of 40th Srimadh Azhagiasingar. HH then began sancharam with Sri Malolan and travelled widely from Tirukurungudi to Tirumalai.

Granthams composed by 41st Srimadh Azhagiasingar:

  1. Sri Lakshmi Nrisimha Dhyana Sopanam
  2. Sri Vedapaadha shithistavam
  3. Dasavathara Vedabhdhasthavam
  4. Nitya Prarthanakarikavalli
  5. Acharya Dinacharya
  6. Sri Mahaswami Gadyam

 Acharya Prathibhakthi of 41st Srimadh Azhagiasingar:

  • Prathishtai of Divyamangala murthi of 33rd and 34th Srimadh Azhagiasingars was done in the Silver Mandapam.
  • The speciality of these vigrahams is that 40th Srimadh Azhagiasingar is at the feet of 33rd Srimadh Azhagiasingar and 41st Srimadh Azhagiasingar is at the feet of 34th Srimadh Azhagiasingar.

 Appointment of Successor:

HH Settled down at Dasavatharan Sannidhi and was engaged in serving Kalakshepams to shishyas. At one point of time Swami experienced bodily distress and thought it necessary to appoint an able successor to The Ahobila Muth Samrajyam.  So in Shukla Varsham Chitra masam (4.05.1929) Injimedu Madabhusi

Sri Ranganathachariar swami was made the 42nd Srimadh Azhagiasingar. He was given the ashrama Tirunamam Sri RangaSathakopa Yathindra Mahadesikan. But by Sri Malolan’s grace 41st Srimadh Azhagiasingar recovered and two Srimadh Azhagiasingars served Sri Malolan. In Vishu Varsham, Aippasi Sukla Panchami day (10.09.1941) HH attained Paramapadam at Sri Rangam Dasavatharan Sannidhi. Swami’s Brindavanam was constructed during His lifetime itself.  HH was in Asthanam for 19 years 10 months.

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan, Tamil Writeup: Shri Ramabadhra Narayanan (Great grandson of HH 41st Azhgiyasingar)

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