Poigai Azhwar Avathara Utsavam At Thiruvekka: Day 7


Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_09

Today; November 7 2013; Vijaya Varusha Aippasi Moolam, Day 7 of Poigai Azhwar Utsavam was celebrated at Thiruvekka Sri Yathokthakari Swamy Thirukkoil. In the morning, Thirumanjanam was performed for Poigai Azhwar. Today being the Thirunakshatram of Swami Manavala Mamunigal, there was special satrumurai. Sri Pillailokacharya’s Thirunakshatram will also be celebrated on Aippasi Sravanam.

Several astikas took part in the utsavam and had darsham of Azhwar, Acharyas and Perumal. Poigai Azhwar Avathara Utsavam is being celebrated for 10 days and Azhwar’s thirunakshatram will be celebrated on Aippasi Sravanam which falls on November 10, 2013 this year.

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The following are some of the photographs taken during Thirumanjanam and Alankara Sevai…

Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_01 Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_02 Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_03 Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_04 Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_07 Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_08 Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_09 Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_10 Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_00 Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_05 Poigai Azhwar_Thiruvekka_06

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