Pune Sri Balaji Mandir Vijaya Varusha Brahmotsavam – Day 1-9


Pune_Balaji Mandir_090

The 7th annual Brahmostsavam is being celebrated at Sri Balaji Mandir, Pune since November 1, 2013. So far, nine days of the utsavam have been celebrated with special Homams, Veda and Divya Prabandham parayanams. Lord Balaji was taken in procession on different vahanams with different decorations in the neighborhood of Pashan. Some of the important events were Garuda Vahana on November 4, 2013 and Swarna Ratham on November 8, 2013. Today November 10, 2013, Theerthavari took place and Pushpayaagam will take place on November 11, 2013.

Several devotees of Sri Balaji in and around Pune are participating in the utsavam and receiving the blessings of Thayar and Perumal.

For the detailed pathrigai, please visit Pune Sri Balaji Mandir Vijaya Varusha Brahmotsavam

The following  are some of the photographs taken during Day 1 to 9 of the utsavam…

Pune_Balaji Mandir_000 Pune_Balaji Mandir_002 Pune_Balaji Mandir_003 Pune_Balaji Mandir_007 Pune_Balaji Mandir_008 Pune_Balaji Mandir_009 Pune_Balaji Mandir_011 Pune_Balaji Mandir_013 Pune_Balaji Mandir_015 Pune_Balaji Mandir_017 Pune_Balaji Mandir_019 Pune_Balaji Mandir_020 Pune_Balaji Mandir_021 Pune_Balaji Mandir_022 Pune_Balaji Mandir_023 Pune_Balaji Mandir_024 Pune_Balaji Mandir_028 Pune_Balaji Mandir_030 Pune_Balaji Mandir_031 Pune_Balaji Mandir_033 Pune_Balaji Mandir_034 Pune_Balaji Mandir_036 Pune_Balaji Mandir_040 Pune_Balaji Mandir_041 Pune_Balaji Mandir_042 Pune_Balaji Mandir_044 Pune_Balaji Mandir_045 Pune_Balaji Mandir_047 Pune_Balaji Mandir_048 Pune_Balaji Mandir_005 Pune_Balaji Mandir_055 Pune_Balaji Mandir_057 Pune_Balaji Mandir_006 Pune_Balaji Mandir_063 Pune_Balaji Mandir_065 Pune_Balaji Mandir_066 Pune_Balaji Mandir_067 Pune_Balaji Mandir_068 Pune_Balaji Mandir_069 Pune_Balaji Mandir_071 Pune_Balaji Mandir_074 Pune_Balaji Mandir_075 Pune_Balaji Mandir_078 Pune_Balaji Mandir_081 Pune_Balaji Mandir_086 Pune_Balaji Mandir_087 Pune_Balaji Mandir_090 Pune_Balaji Mandir_095 Pune_Balaji Mandir_100 Pune_Balaji Mandir_101 Pune_Balaji Mandir_102 Pune_Balaji Mandir_106 Pune_Balaji Mandir_113 Pune_Balaji Mandir_116 Pune_Balaji Mandir_117 Pune_Balaji Mandir_119 Pune_Balaji Mandir_133 Pune_Balaji Mandir_135 Pune_Balaji Mandir_136 Pune_Balaji Mandir_139 Pune_Balaji Mandir_141 Pune_Balaji Mandir_148 Pune_Balaji Mandir_151 Pune_Balaji Mandir_147 Pune_Balaji Mandir_154 Pune_Balaji Mandir_158

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