Swami Desikan Surya Prabhai Purappadu At Srirangam


Swami Desikan_Srirangam_33

Today November 10, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Aippasi Thiruvonam, there was purappadu for Swami Desikan on Surya Prabhai Vahanam at Srirangam Sri Poundarikapuram Ashramam as part of the ongoing Sri Nigamatha MahaDesikan Avathara Mahotsavam. The 10-day utsavam commenced on November 7, 2013 and will carry on till November 15, 2013. There will be purappadu for Swami Desikan on various vahanams. Several astikas participated in the purappadu and received the blessings of Swami Desikan.

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The following are some of the photographs taken today morning..

Swami Desikan_Srirangam_00 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_01 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_02 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_03 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_04 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_07 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_08 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_12 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_13 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_14 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_17 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_20 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_22 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_28 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_30 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_33 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_35 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_36 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_38 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_46 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_49 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_50 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_52 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_56 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_58 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_73 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_76 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_78 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_80

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