Thirupavithrotsavam At Vaduvur Sri Kothandaramaswamy Temple


vaduvur 2012 pavithrotsavam5

The annual Pavithrotsavam (festival of purification) is scheduled to be performed at Sri Kothandaramaswamy Temple, Vaduvur, from November 11 to17, 2013. On the concluding  day, Theerthavari (immersion ceremony) will be performed at Sarayu Pushkarni (Vaduvur temple tank).

As the name indicates, it is the purification ceremony which is conducted to get rid of the mistakes (nivarthi) that occur in the daily worship and other religious rites performed in the temple. It is a well prescribed ritual, where the archakas pray for forgiveness for all lapses–conscious or otherwise– in the daily worship.

Astikas in and around the area may make it convenient to participate in the utsavam and get the anugraham of Sita Piratti and Sri Kothandaramar.

The following are some of the photographs taken in the previous year (Vaduvur Sri KothandaRamar Thirukkoil Thirupavithrotsavam)…

vaduvur 2012 pavithrotsavam6 vaduvur 2012 pavithrotsavam7 vaduvur 2012 pavithrotsavam3

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