Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 27

“Amruthur Bhudevi with Perumal and Sridevi”
“Amruthur Bhudevi with Perumal and Sridevi”
“Amruthur Bhudevi with Perumal and Sridevi”



udvela kalmaSha paramparitaad.h amarShaat.h
uttaM sitena harima~njalinaa apyadhR^iShyam.h.
aakasmiko.ayamadhigamyayati prajaanaam.h
amba tvadiiya karuNaa pariNaama eva.. 27

This shlokam describes how BhUmi DEvi helps the sinners to approach Her Lord through the exercise of Her KaruNa guNam.


Oh Mother! There are no limits to the sins accumulated by the chEtanams. Your Lord’s anger grows at the sight of these persistent sinners (udhvEla kalmasha paramparithAth amarsha:). The sinners are terror stricken and hesitate to approach the Lord. SaasthrAs state that the Lord’s anger is diminished if the chEtanam holds his hands in anjali mudhrA over their heads. The huge bundle of sins accumulated by the chEtanams prevents them from completing that anjali mudhrA. The sinners retreat from the proximity of the Lord. If these sinners have even an iota of poorva janma sukrutham, it draws out the compassion of BhUmi DEvi and lets Her take the initiative of interceding with Her Lord on behalf of the sinners and to seek His forgiveness. Our Lord’s anger is now removed. At that time, the chEtanam is able to come near the Lord and offer their anjalis and seek the aparAdha KshAmaNams. This is all made possible by the ripened state of compassion of BhUmi PirAtti, which facilitates the approach of chEtanams (Thvadheeya KaruNA pariNAma: yEva prajAnAm adhigamyathi) in front of the Lord. The magnitude of the sins of the chEtanam weighs against the diminution of the anger of the Lord even after seeing the anjali Bhaddha hastham (utthamsithEna anjalinA api adhrushyam Hari:). BhUmi PirAtti’s rich anukampA (Compassion) for Her erring children make Her plead with Her Lord for His pardon of the sins of the chEtanams.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

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