Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 30

“Sri Paandava thuthar with ubhaya naachchimaar”
“Sri Paandava thuthar with ubhaya naachchimaar”
“Sri Paandava thuthar with ubhaya naachchimaar”



dharma dR^ihaM sakala duShkR^iti saarva bhaumam.h
aatmaana bhij~nam.h anutaapa lavojjhitaM maam.h.
vaitaana suukara pateshcharaNaara vinde
sarvaM sahe nanu samarpayitum.h xamaa tvam.h.. 30

This shlokam continues with the important subject of BhUmi DEvi becoming as an UpAyam for the sinning chEtanams to receive Her Lord’s anugraham. This shlokam is cast as a personal appeal from Swamy Desikan reminding Her about Her powerful capabilities to intercede on his behalf with Her Lord (Maam VaithAna sookarapathE: charaNAravindhE samarpithum Thvam KshamA nanu ?).


Oh the Divine Consort of Yaj~na VarAha PerumAn! adiyEn has this dual capabilities: (1) I have abandoned the performance of duties prescribed by Your Lord’s Saasthrams (2) I also prevent others from performing such ordained duties. I am therefore doubly guilty and stand as the leader among all sinners. adiyEn does not comprehend the true svaroopam of the Jeevan as an eternal servant of Your Lord. adiyEn is deficient in understanding Iswara tatthvam. adiyEn does not even feel contrite over the sins accumulated by me. Under these deplorable and hopeless circumstances, You alone can place me at the lotus feet of Your Lord and intercede on adiyEn’s behalf. You alone have the power to do so (KshamA nanu?).

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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