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Bhu Stuthi – Slokam 33




asye shaanaa jagata iti yaa shruuyate viShNupatnii
tasyaaH stotraM virachitamidaM ve~NkaTeshena bhaktyaa.
shraddhaa bhakti prachaya guruNaa chetasaa saMstuvaano
yadyat.h kaamyaM sapadi labhate tatra tatra pratiShThaam.h.. 33

This is a Phala Sruthi shlokam. Swamy Desikan points out that any one reciting his BhU Sthuthi with bhakthi and Sraddhai will be granted all their wishes and hold them forever with the anugraham of BhUmi PirAtti celebrated by the VedAs as Sarva LOkEswari.


Vedams salute BhUmi Devi, the divine consort of the Lord as the Empress of the world (VishNu Pathnee asya Jagatha: IsAnaa ithi SrUyathE). About Her, VenkatEsa Kavi composed this sthOthram (VishNu Pathnee –TasyA: virachitham idham sthOthram). Any one who recites this BhU Sthuthi with the mind filled with deep faith and dense Bhakthi (idham sthOthram SraddhA bhakthi prachaya guruNA chEtasA samsthuvAna:) will gain immediately all the desired boons that they seek from BhUmi Devi and hold on to them forever (Yath Yath kaamyam tathra tathra prathishtAm sapathy labhadhE).

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

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