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This article briefly explains the story of the life of Maharishi Bhrigu. Maharshi Bhrigu was one of the Manasputras (born by a wish) of Lord Brahma. It is said that he was born from the body flesh of Brahma. Maharshi Bhrigu is also called Prajapati (creator) as he was created by Lord Brahma to help him in the process of creation of the universe. Sri Lakshmi his daughter became the consort of Sri Vishnu. Since She is the daughter of Bhrigu, she is called Bhargavi. Maharshi Bhrigu accomplished many Yagnas and helped others to accomplish them. The article describes in details about the curse of Agni while agnidevan failed to take care of his wife Puloma from Rakshasa.

Bhrigu 1 Bhrigu 2

brahma and sons


Bhrigu 3 Bhrigu 4

Bhrigu 4

Bhrigu 5


Bhrigu 6 Bhrigu 7

bhrigu 3

Bhrigu 8 Bhrigu 9 Bhrigu 10

bhrigu Bhrigu 11 Bhrigu 12


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    All articles are very good. Some of them are in Tamil . .Please translate in English. It would be of great help to me. I would love to know about them.


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