Vazhum Vagai



Vazhum Vagai is the article describes about the human living nature at different ages. Its very difficult to get birth as human as he/she can  think and do with his intellectual knowledge. But most of the humans are wasting their life on getting  Fame, beauty and wealth, later they understand  these will not  provide the permanent satisfaction. The author further describes the purpose of life with giving quotation from Thondaradipodi azhwar pasuram “Vedha Nool Pirayam Nooru”, Finally author ends with telling the human should not get too much into emotional things like Happiness, Sorrow. He has to treat them equally  by saying “All are his action” ( Narayana’s action) ,by doing the good deeds and Surrendering  in the feet of Acharyan (Thiruvadi) for Saranagathi and  live his life in mid of Bhagavatha samagamam to attain Moksham .

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