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Oonjal Utsavam At Thirukkudanthai Sri Aravamudhan Sannidhi


Today, December 8, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Karthigai Avittam, Day 3 of the ongoing Oonjal Utsavam at Thirukkudanthai Aravamudhan Sannidhi was celebrated in a grand manner. On the previous day, Day 2 utsavam was celebrated well along with Swami Desikan Purappadu being Sravanam nakshatram. Several devotees participated in the utsavam on both these days. The following are some of the photographs taken on these days…

Aravamudhan_Oonjal_45 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_43 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_42 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_40 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_39 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_38 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_37 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_36 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_35 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_34 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_33 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_29 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_28 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_26 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_24 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_23 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_21 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_18 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_16 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_15 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_13 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_11 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_08 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_07 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_03 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_02 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_01 Aravamudhan_Oonjal_00

Courtesy: Sri Raghavasimhan, Sri Amuthan Kainkarya Sabha

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