Paduka Sahasram Avathara Utsavam At Srirangam Ul Desikan Sannidhi: Day 4


Swami Desikan_Srirangam_30

On December 6, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Karthigai Thiruvonam, was Day-4 of Padhuka Sahasra Avathara Utsavam at Ul Desikan Sannidhi Srirangam. After each person  had done pradakshinam of Swami Desikan and taken Theertham and Sri Sathari at Swami Desikan’s sannidhi they sat ready for the parayanam to start. After Harathi was offered to Sri Lakshmi Nrisimhan, Lakshmi Hayagreevan and Swami Desikan the Divyadesa mangalastotrams were chanted and after the thaniyan Sriman Venkatanatharya  were chanted standing, devotees sat down and  Sri Paduka Sahasra Parayanam continued from the point where it was stopped yesterday. Indraneela Paddhathi, Bhimbha Prathibimbha Paddhathi, Kaanchana Paddhathi, Shesha Paddhathi, Dwandwha Paddhathi, Sannivesha Paddhathi, Yantrika  Paddhathi, Rekha Paddhathi, Subhashitha Paddhathi, Prakirna Paddhathi and Chitra Paddhathi were recited in beautiful unison. Two more Paddhathis remain. They will be recited tommorow morning at 8.30 followed by Satrumurai.

Today there was Sahasra Deepams offered at Chakrathazhwar Sannidhi. After today’s portion of recital was over Desika Mangalam was chanted followed by prasadha distribution. Today’s prasadam was kalkandu pongal which was distributed, while  Swami Desikan’s Sudarsanashtakam was chanted loudly.

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The following are some of the photographs taken during this day…

Swami Desikan_Srirangam_00 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_34 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_33 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_35 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_31 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_30 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_29 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_28 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_27 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_26 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_25 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_24 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_23 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_21 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_19 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_16 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_15 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_14 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_12 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_10 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_08 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_03 Swami Desikan_Srirangam_01

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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