Sage Vasishtar  is one of the saptarishi. The article starts with the Samvadham of  Sage Vasishta and Kshatriya King  Vishvamitra after a grand feast at Vasishtar ashram(Hermitage), The fight between the Vasishta and Visvamitra army for taking the Divine Cow Nandhini. This incidence made King Visvamitra to become a Sage after seeing the powers of Rishis. The artilce continues with  ashtavasu story, Once ashtavasu tried to abduct the Divine cow Nandhini and got the Sabam of Sage Vasishta. The author quotes from the Vasishta with  Thrisangu, Mithrasahan and Kalmashapathan. Then author discuss the story of how Sage Vasishta becomes the first and foremost Brahma in ritviks during Yagams. Finally author ends the article with importance of his wife great Tapaswini Arundathi and Vasishtar role during Lord Rama Period as he was the Preceptor for Harichandra and Lord Rama.


Vasishtar 1kamadhenu-cow

Vasishtar 2vish-and-vasist1 Vasishtar 3ashtavasu and bhisma Vasishtar 4 Vasishtar 5 Vasishtar 6 Vasishtar 7 Vasishtar 8agnihotris Vasishtar 9vasishta arundhathi Vasishtar 10mural

Vasishtar 11

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  1. Namaskaram, How vishwamitra a kshatriya became a brahamana ? Therefore, can I come to conclusion that any person of any varna can become a brahmana in the same birth? What is the secret behind it ? please can you explain


  2. Dear Balaji Swamin
    Varnam is best described by karma or action. Only by action one becomes a Bramhmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya or the fourth category. Hence to become a brahmana one has to completely adhere to sastras and lead life as such. Very few people are like that in today’s world. Best is to be a prapanna where no qualification is required for moksha, only thing required is mumukshatva and acharyan’s grace. Please forgive adiyen for any apacharams in replying to this post.


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