Hyderabad Swami Dhesikan Stotra Paata Goshtee Celebrates 20th Anniversary


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On December 15, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Karthigaiyil Karthigai, the 20th anniversary celebrations of Swami Dhesikan Stotra Paata Goshtee will take place from 9am to 11am at Venkatapuram, Hyderabad.

Date: 15th December 2013
Time: 9 am to 11 am
Venue: 18-86-1, Sriramnagar, near Vaishnavidevi Temple Bus Stop, Venkatapuram (Bus No – 21 from Secunderabad)

Swami Dhesikan Stotra Paata Goshtee was launched on November 15, 1993 (Aippasi Kettai) at Sri E.R.Santhanam Mama’s House at Venkatapuram. Santhanam mama and Anasuya mami were having a casual talk with Sri U.Ve. P.V. Pranatharthiharan Swami who came all the way from Tirupati to join the SV Oriental College at Old Bowenpally, Hyderabad. Alwal Sri Venkateshwara Swamy entered into the hearts of the Sri Vaishnava couple to request Sri P.V.Pranatharthiharan Swami to conduct classes on Swami Dhesikan Stothrams at their house in the evenings. Sri P.V. Pranatharthiharan Swami readily agreed without any ‘but’s’ and’ if’s’. The very same day evening Sri PVP Swami started the Stotra Paatam class at Sri Santhanam Mama’s house.  And thus, Swami Dhesikan Stotra Paata Goshtee, Bhagyanagar was started on this auspicious day.

The growth of the Goshtee has been phenomenal. As many as 20 devotees attended the classes every day without fail.  After sometime, the classes were conducted at Sri PVP Swami’s house which was a stone’s throw away from Sri Santhanam Mama’s House. Within few years Sri PVP Swamy completed all the Desika Stotrams including Sri Paaduka Sahasram. The missionary zeal with which he taught the Stotrams setting aside all his personal appointments was astounding. This impressed us very much and made us attend each and every class without fail. Sishyas always looked forward to his classes as a child would look to its mother. He gave the sishyas the real taste of these stotrams by explaining their meanings wherever possible. They could see mist in his eyes during such narrative sessions.

He delivered lucid lectures on Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam at Alwal Sri Balaji Temple continuously for two years unmindful of the number of devotees attending them. For him, Lord Balaji Himself was the audience. He is a living example for a srivaishnava who always does some or the other kainkaryam to The Lord and His devotees without expecting anything in return.  The Goshtee has definitely taken a leaf out of His life and the very fact that many youngsters of the Goshtee are ready to give their valuable time for the Goshtee proves this point. These youngsters are conducting regular residential camps at Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai etc. in which they train younger minds in the traditional way.

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