Sahasra Deepam At Srirangam Veli Andal Sannidhi


Veli Andal_SrirangamToday December 15, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Karthigaiyil Karthigai, Sahasra Deepams were offered at Velli Andal Sannidhi SriRangam. Andal occupies a pride of place in our SriVaishnava Sampradhaya. From tomorrow, Her month Margazhi starts but at Velli Andal Sannidhi the celebrations started today itself. As we entered the temple, the sight of beautifully glittering lamps arranged around kolams caught our eyes. As we proceeded inside more wonders were in store. The yezhakolams (kolams made by grinding soaked rice to a fine paste) were many and done beautifully for the Personification of Beauty Andal. As we moved further inside we caught sight of Poo-kolams, kolam done with flowers. By using different flowers Perumal’s Shanku, Chakram and Thiruman were done up very nicely. As we moved towards the sanctum sanctorum an elaborate Rangoli done with attractive colours caught our attention. The design was first done with chalk and filled up with appropriate colours by a team of 8-10 ladies and children. The colours were filled in neatly and the effect was great. It took the team about 4 hours to create. What an offering to Andal!  After feasting our eyes on these artistic creations we got to see The Creator, for who is Andal if not our very own Mother Earth who out of Her infinite compassion came to Srivilliputtur to Redeem us.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_40 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_41 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_43 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_45 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_48 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_49 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_51 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_54 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_55 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_60 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_61 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_63 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_68 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_69 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_70 Sahasra Deepam_Srirangam_71

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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