Thirumangai Azhwar Thirunakshatram At Srirangam Dasavathara Sannidhi


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Today December 15, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Karthigaiyil Karthigai, Thirunakshatram of Thirumangai Azhwar was celebrated well at Dasavathara Sannidhi, Srirangam. Dasavathara Sannidhi is where Thirumangai Azhwar lived and did various kainkaryams to Srirangam temple. After the rampart walls were finished so happy were Periya Perumal and Periya Piraatiar that they wanted to reward Kaliyan. Kaliyan asked for two wishes: To see the Dasavathara forms of Sriman Narayana and moksham for those who shed their mortal coils in Srirangam. The Dasavathara Divya Mangala Vigrahams are there for us to see and the sannidhi is not like regular temples but more like a palace. The Divyamangalamurthis of Kaliyan both Moolavar and Utsavar are housed inside the first sannidhi on the right.

The celebrations started yesterday December 14, 2013. In the evening, Veda parayanam and Desika Prabhandhanusandhanam was done at 3 pm and concluded at about 5 pm with Satrumurai. While the parayanams were going on Thirumanjanam was done to Thirumangaimannan. At 6 pm, Pradosharadhanam took place for Sri LakshmiNrisimhan housed in Sri Dasavathara Sannidhi.

Today morning there was purappadu for Kaliyan from Dasavathara Sannidhi. The procession left the premises at about 7:30 am and Kaliyan blessed the devotees at their doorstep accepting whatever was offered along with Dandavath Pranamams. After crossing Dasavathara Sannidhi, the purappadu stopped on Chitra Veedhi opposite Thayar Sannidhi. Sri Stuthi was chanted while Vedaparayana goshti followed Kaliyan. The procession took left on North Chitra Street, and took right at Goratham corner and proceeded on East Chitra Street. On reaching the White Gopuram, a right turn was taken and then a left on East Utthira Veedhi to enter Sri Ahobila Mutt. After Satrumurai, theertam, SriSathari and Prasadam (kesari) the procession went back to Chitra Veedhi and went past Koorathazhwar Thirumaligai, Periya Nambi Thirumaligai, Mudaliandaan Thirumaligai etc and took right on South Chitra Street  stopped infront of South Gate when Karpura Harathi was offered and Swami Desikan’s  beautiful verses on Srirangam “The Temple Reknown as Srirangam, the Temple gifted to the rulers of Ayodhya, the temple worshipped by Sri Rama, the temple which is the refuge of Vibhishana, the Temple which confers benefits unavailable elsewhere, the temple with the Vimanam shaped like Pranavam, the Temple which destroys all sins, the Temple full of nectarine grace that does not satiete”  were chanted.

The procession moved along to take right turn on West Chitra Street and then turned the corner of North Chitra Street.  As the procession was sighted or maybe as the nadaswaram sounds were heard,  women devotees ran out to sprinkle water and made kolams, the invalids and the infirm were brought outside their houses to have darshan of Our Kaliyan. Thirumangai Azhwar was resplendent in all the alankaram and necklaces and flower garlands. With the Vel in His hand, the Thirumukhamandalam was Royal and what came to our notice was the determined chin – determined to do kainkaryam to Ranganatha and Ranganachiyar at all costs, determined to do anything and everything for Bhaghavath Kainkaryam and Bhaghaavatha Thadeearadhanai.

The Kaliyan of our times Mukkur Srimath Azhagiyasingar operated from Dasavathara Sannidhi to make possible the Rajagopuram for Sri Ranganatha. On North Uthhira Street, a devotee’s offerings took our breath away – A wooden tray with three kinds of fruits, Pavithra mala, beautiful flower garlands and a white silk dhothi was offered. Aradhakar swami garlanded Kaliyan and placed the dhothi beautifully on Kaliyan’s shoulders. The procession moved on flanked by vegetable  sellers with Anjali Hasthams and took left on Kollidam road. SriSathari was offered to those who did parayanam. The group took left at the Dasavatharan arch and then a right to enter Dasavathara Sannidhi and took left on Desikan Street and then right to Poundarikapuram Ashram.

At the Ashram, Mangalasanams were done by HH Rayapuram Sri Raghuveera Mahadesikan. Kalkandu and bananas were offered to Kaliyan and distributed to the assemblage. After being seen off  by Andavan Swami, Kaliyan blessed the devotees on Ramanujam street visited the Brindavanams of 41st and 44th Srimath Azhagiyasingars and scrutinized the work going on at the upcoming Brindavanam of 45th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, then Thirumangai Azhwar blessed the devotees residing in the lane leading to the Brindavanam of Thillaisthanam Swami. After reaching Dasavathara Sannidhi, Thaligai offerings were done followed by special Vedic chanting, Perumal, Azhwar, Acharya Sambavanai, and Special Satrumurai. By the time theertham, SriSathari and Prasadam distribution was done it was past 11 am.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_000 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_001 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_002 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_003 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_004 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_006 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_008 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_012 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_014 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_015 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_020 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_025 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_026 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_027 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_028 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_029 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_030 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_031 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_038 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_040 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_041 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_043 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_044 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_045 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_047 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_049 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_050 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_051 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_052 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_056 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_057 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_058 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_059 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_060 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_062 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_064 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_065 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_067 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_069 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_071 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_072 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_073 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_076 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_077 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_078 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_080 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_081 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_082 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_083 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_086 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_088 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_090 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_092 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_104 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_105 Srirangam_Thirumangai Azhwar_111

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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  1. Wonderful photos and write up on the Thirumangai Azhwar Thirunakshatra Utsavam at the Dasavataara Sannidhi at Srirangam. The simple translation of Swami Desikan’s Paasuram “Aaraata Arul Amudam” is excellent. Many many thanks to the Portal and the authors.

    Adiyen, S. Krishnan, Srirangam.


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