Nammazhvar Foundation Honours Srivaishnava Scholars


Nammaazhvaar Foundation honoured three SriVaishnava scholars Sri V.N. Vedantadesikachar, Sri Ariyar Srinivasaraghavachar and Sri N.Purushothma Ramanuja Dasar with the title ‘Sri Vaishnava Simham’ at an event organised to celeberate its 13th anniversary. The function was presided by Sriperumbudur Appan ParakalaRamanuja Jeeyar. Thiruppaavai discourses were inaugurated by Sri Devarajan.

The following is a photograph taken on the occasion…

nammazhwar foundationCourtesy: Dr.T.E.Parthasarathy

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  1. Thank you for your news regarding Nammazvar Foundation conferring Srivaishnava Simham Title to Vaishnavite Scholors on 15th December 2013 at Chennai.I am much delighted to read that Dr V.N.Vedantha Desikan is one among three Scholors. He is my guide who led me to Srivaishnava cult.He is always a source of inspiration for professionals like me.I am a practicing Chartered Accountant in Madurai.Dr V.N.V. was my Chemistry Professor in Madurai. From younger days till today I am fortunate to have his blessings and guidance. He guides several persons to Srivaishnavam.
    His contributions in Sri Nrisimhapriya, Azhvar Thiruvullom written by him in 2 volumes on Thiruvaimozhi in particular is a treasure to be kept by every Srivaishnavan of next generation as the volumes lucidly explain the meanig and explanations in English also at the same time not deviating from Poorvacharyas vyakyanams.Even at the age of 86 he continues to write and publish on Swami desikan’s works as ordained by Poundrikapuram Andavan Ashramam.He now writes and guides Vaishnavan Kural. I pray to Lord and Acharyan to bestow him long and healthy life to serve for the cause of Srivaishnavam.

  2. Classes under the auspices of Swami Nammazhvar (I)
    Foundation,Chennai 101, begins from Sunday 19th Jan 2014 as appended:

    Venue: Lady Sivaswamy Iyer Girls school,near Chitrakulam,Mylapore, Chennai
    Date: Sunday 19.1.2014 Time: 10.30 am to 12.30 am
    Subject: Thiruppalandu by Sri U Ve Dr Madurai Rangarajan
    Guruparampara Prabhavam bySri U Ve T A Srinidhi swami
    Interest devotees, can join.
    For details contact: Trustee Admn:9840890059
    B Narasimhan


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