Archayil Anju



Emperuman Sriman Narayana has 5 Subasraya roopam, they are Param, Vyuham, Vibhavam,Archai and Antharyami.  Out of this Archai  is easiest for all jeevatmas to meditate upon him ,In this article “Archayil Anju” the author  emphasizes the significance of Archa Moorthi out of 5 Subhasraya Roopam of Emperuman. Azhwar, Acharyas have sung more about this Archa roopam . As the article title denotes “Archayil Anju”, The author elaborates this archai in   five different ways .


Archayil Ayinthu-00kanchi-varadarajar Archayil Ayinthu-01Richest-Temples-in-India-tirupati-balaji-temple Archayil Ayinthu-02

kallazhagar Archayil Ayinthu-03

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