Vaishnavan Evan ?



The basic quality of vaishnavan is described in this article Vaishnavan Evan.  The author talks about how a person becomes a Vaishnavan. Many knows that a srivaishnava is who wears thulasi mala, adorns Urdhava pundram in his forehead and has Sankhu,Chakra mark on his shoulders.But the author talks more about the Srivaishnava Lakshanam. He mentions the important quality of Srivaishnava is to feel bad when someone in trouble. Author briefly explain this characteristics  quoting from Eedu and Nammazhwar words from Thiruvaimozhi .


Vaishnavan Yaar-1Madvar ramanujar sankarar 1 Vaishnavan Yaar-2helping-the-poor Vaishnavan Yaar-3vandhanam 4 Vaishnavan Yaar-4vandhanam Vaishnavan Yaar-5

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