Sri Andal Kalyanam At Srirangam Sri Poundarikapuram Andavan Ashramam


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Today Vijaya Margazhi, Rohini, January 12th 2014, Boghi, Andal Tirukalyanam took place at Poundarikarapuram  Ashram’s  temple on Uthira Veedhi. The ceremony started at 5.00 p.m. The garlands were taken in pradakshinam and the devotees carrying the garlands came in dancing enthusiastically.  Andal dressed up in all finey looked every inch a bride. Hayagreevan was at Her side. Exchange of garlands took place to the singing of “Malai matthinal”. Then the Tirumangalyam of Thayar was shown to all the devotees.Tirumangalya dharanam was done. After offerings were made the screen opened and Harathi was done.  Everyone got Perumal’s chandanam. Then akshatai was given to everyone and then taken back to be offered at the feet of Perumal-Thayar. Vedic chanting was done and sambavanai was done to all the men ..This was followed by Theertham, Sri Sathari and archakar swami put akshata on the heads of all devotees.  This was followed by prasada viniyogam (Kesari, Pulihore and dadhiannam).  A Swami past 80 sang “Sitram  Shirukale” without apaswaram. Tiruppavai upanayasam started after the wedding ceremony was over.Thus was concluded 29 days of Pavai Nonbu culminating in Andal Kalyanam. Praise Be to our very own Andal who paved the way to Paramapadham by doing Prappathi .

Some of the photos taken during the event can be viewed below

Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_00  Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_02 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_03 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_05 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_07 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_08 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_10 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_11 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_13 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_16 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_17 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_18 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_19 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_21 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_22 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_24 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_25 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_29 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_35 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_42 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_50 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_52 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_54 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_55 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_56 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_61 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_68 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_69 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_72 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_74 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_78 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_80 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_83 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_84 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_88 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_90 Andal Kalyanam_Srirangam_91
Writeup and Photography by Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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