Andal Thirukalyanam At Tirupathi Sri Ahobila Mutt


Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-02

On January 13, 2014; Vijaya Varusha Margazhi Rohini, Sri Andal Thirukalyanam and Pradosha Puja was celebrated at Sri Ahobila Mutt in a grand manner at Tirupathi. Sri U.Ve. Rangarajan, a great scholar and asthana Vidwan of Sri Ahobila Mutt, gave Thirupavai Upanasams for the previous 30 days. On the concluding day, he completed with Andal Thirukalanam. Several veda pundits recited  Sama vedam. Musicians sung songs in praise of Andal. There was a huge gathering of 200 members who participated in the function including TTD Authorities, devotees and the Sishyas of the Ahobila Mutt. Numerous Prasadams were offered to Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy. Then Theertham, Sri Satari was given to the Sishyas. The utsavam was organised by Sri T.K.Seshadri, Secretary Sri Ahobila Mutt and all the arrangements for Thiruppavai were done in a fine manner for the last 30 days.

The following are some of the related photographs taken on the occasion…

Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-01 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-02 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-03 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-05 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-07 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-08 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-10 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-11 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-12 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-13 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-15 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-16 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-20 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-32 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-37 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-41 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-66 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-69 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-70 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-74 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-75 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-82 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-84 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-86 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-88 Ahobila Mutt_Tirupathi-89

Photography by Sri Sriram TK

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