krishnan_07_02_2013 Vairagyam is the article tells about being detached from Svargathi fruits and live by doing anushtanams as per his orders and to attain Moksham. Vairagyam comes only  by controlling the 11  Sense Organs (indriyas)in our body, 5  Action organs (Karmendriyas), 5 Sense Organs (Gnanendriyas)  and  one head controller Mind (Manam). It is difficult to control these 11 Indriyas in which its very very difficult to control the Mind.

To control the mind they need Sacrificing attitude. The author mentions about the desire is the reasons for getting into Worldly things. Three main aspects which motivate desire are Land  (Mannasai), Avarice (Porulaasai) and Sexual Pleasure (Pennaasai) . By controlling the three kinds of desire a person gets more Vairagyam towards the Lord without any desire (True Bhakthi). The author elaborates the three desires and their difficulty in control by some quotations.

Vairagyam-1senses Vairagyam-2ponnasai Vairagyam-3Pennasai Vairagyam-4manam Vairagyam-5Krishnan saying

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