Ashtakshari Koti MahaYagnya at Melkote


Srisuktha Homam at BHEL venkatachalapathy temple 2013 -08

The ‘Ashtakshari Koti MahaYagnya’ is presently in progress at Melkote as part of the celebration of Sri Ramanuja Sahasramanotsava 2017 for the year 2013. The Yagnya was started on May 23rd, 2013 to complete 1,00,00,000, Japam, 10,00,000, homam, 1,00,000 ksheera tarpanam, 10,000 pushparchanam, and 1,000 brahmins tadeeyaradhanam. So far,  32,00,000 japam and respective Homa, tarpanam, pushparchanam, tadeeyaradhanai has been completed. The remaining 68,00,000 japam will be completed on or before May 5, 2014.

Asthikas and srivaishnavas may contribute for the continued yagnya at Melkote either in kind or cash. The requirements include Ghee 1,000 kg; Homa Dravyas like Green gram, beenseeds, till, nelpori each 5 kg; firewood  one truck load; daily pushpam, tulasi, camphor, sambrani, teertha dravya’s, plantens, rice for prasadam, silk cloth-half meter a day for 80 days (40 meters) and provisions for tadeeyaradhanai.

Interested astikas may contact Sri Sri Sri Satakopa Ramanuja Jeeyar either via phone (9449978440/9047273090) or email (

Contributions may be made to Bank a/c No: State Bank of Mysore, 640 667 05215,  IFSC: SBMY0040042, Melukote branch. Donors may also contribute for the building fund and to adopt Vedic students from poor families studying at Anandashrama, Chinakuruli Main Road, Melkote.

The reason for choosing this kshetram for the yagnya is significant. Melkote was a centre of attraction for Sri Ramanujacharya, because the lord of Melkote Sri Thirunarayana (Vaikuntapathy) directed him to undertake several works and gave protection to his life , as there was a life threat from Krimikanta Chola, a ruler of Chola kingdom during that time. This is the place where Sri Ramanujacharya stayed to complete his tasks for 12 years on the hill. The Acharyan wrote 9 holy Granthas and thereby awarded a title for this place as ‘Jnana Mantapam’. Therefore, this place was chosen to be able to achieve any good result in the interest of the world peace and for the benefit of every individual by praying to the Lord through the media of “Ashtakshari Koti MahaYagnya” performed by the grace of the Acharya in Melkote.

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