Maha Samprokshanam At Nagapattinam Sri Soundararaja Perumal Temple Concludes



Mahasamprokshanam of Nagapattinam Sri Soundararaja Perumal sametha Sri Soundaravalli Thayar Tirukkovil, Nagapattinam, was conducted on 2nd February 2014 between 8:00 am and 10:30 am. This was followed by Thirumanjanam and alankaram for Moolavar. Several devotees attended the Mahasamprokshanam and received the blessings of Divya Dampathis. On Day 3 of the Samprokshanam preparations, February 1, 2014, some of the highlights included Veda, Divya Prabhandam, Ithihasa and Puranam parayanam, Yaga Salai, Homa Poornahuti, Kumba Mandala Bhimba Agni Chatusthana Pujas and Prasada viniyogam.

For previous days’ utsavams, please visit

For the Samprokshanam pathrigai, please visit  Earlier in May 2013, Balalayam took place and related photographs could be viewed at Balalayam at Naagai Soundaraja Perumal Temple

The following are some of the photographs taken on the last two days of the Samprokshanam…


Nagai_Samprokshanam_004 Nagai_Samprokshanam_005 Nagai_Samprokshanam_008 Nagai_Samprokshanam_010 Nagai_Samprokshanam_013 Nagai_Samprokshanam_014 Nagai_Samprokshanam_015 Nagai_Samprokshanam_017 Nagai_Samprokshanam_019 Nagai_Samprokshanam_021 Nagai_Samprokshanam_022 Nagai_Samprokshanam_027 Nagai_Samprokshanam_029 Nagai_Samprokshanam_031 Nagai_Samprokshanam_032 Nagai_Samprokshanam_036 Nagai_Samprokshanam_038 Nagai_Samprokshanam_039 Nagai_Samprokshanam_040 Nagai_Samprokshanam_044 Nagai_Samprokshanam_045 Nagai_Samprokshanam_046 Nagai_Samprokshanam_047 Nagai_Samprokshanam_050 Nagai_Samprokshanam_051 Nagai_Samprokshanam_054 Nagai_Samprokshanam_055 Nagai_Samprokshanam_084 Nagai_Samprokshanam_085 Nagai_Samprokshanam_088 Nagai_Samprokshanam_091 Nagai_Samprokshanam_092 Nagai_Samprokshanam_093 Nagai_Samprokshanam_097 Nagai_Samprokshanam_099 Nagai_Samprokshanam_100 Nagai_Samprokshanam_111 Nagai_Samprokshanam_120 Nagai_Samprokshanam_122 Nagai_Samprokshanam_126 Nagai_Samprokshanam_134 Nagai_Samprokshanam_183


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  1. It is a great opportunity to witness the samprokshanam function from Califorfnia , US on my visit over here.
    Having born in Nagapattinam I consider this as a great blessing. Thanks. Please continue this service.

  2. Having born in Nagapattinam I consider this as a great blessing. Thanks. Please continue this service.
    Sunduru / Visit: CA US

  3. I wish to inform you that I also belongs top Nagapattinam born in the year 1933 and studied at National High School,Nagapttinam and passed SSLC in 1947-1948 nd left ngt in the year,due to transfer to pondicherry i have to thank Narasimhan s/o late Raju Vathiar our brhaspathi

  4. My father went to school at National High School in Nagapattinam in 1945.

    Mr. N.R Soundararajan – could you help me with the address of the National High School – or some early photos.


  5. I native of karaikal weekly go to nagapattinam to pray this perumal.i with thousands of people witnessed this samrokshanam,a bliss and spiritual event in my life


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