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Sri Vaishnava Dinasari – Pasuram 5


Pasuram 5 : Ijyai 

srivaishnava dinasari 5

 oLimathiyena voruthiruvuda Nnuyarpavan

naLimathi mukan^agai nalan^ilavukavukaL

theLipunala muthana sezhumathiyadiyavar

kuLimuthalkirisaikaL kuRaikilarvalavE


The Sri Vaishnavan will perform Thirumanjanam for Sri VaradarAjan and offer all other upachArams according to their sakthi (ability) in the proper manner prescribed by the Aagamams and present to Him naivEdhyams (different kinds of tasty food and drinks) that would please the heart of the Lord.


Swami Desikan salutes these BhagavathAs as “Sezhu mathi adiyavar” (The bhagavathAs with fully developed Jn~Anam). These BhagvathAs will perform “kuLi mudhal kirisaikaL” (UpachArams like Thirumanjanam) and offer “teLi punal amudhu” (Sweet and pure water as well as adisil/paayasam et al).

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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