Sri Vaishnava Dinasari – Pasuram 6


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Pasuram 6 : Ijyai

srivaishnava dinasari 6



maruvun^an maganena vanamathakariyena

aruvilaimaNiyena vadiyavaradaipavar

arukaNaiyiRaivanaiyaru kaNaiyudanE.


The flood of affection flows during Bhagavath AarAdhanam When BhaagavathAs perform AarAdhanam for the Lord, they invite Lord VaradarAjan as the dearest relative (Bhandhu) and are elated over that thought. They will offer salutations and upachArams to Him as though He is the young Prince, who rules the entire land. They will express their affection to Him as a parent, who relates to his son, who was born after a long period of penance (tapas). They will be elated like the one, who sees a majestic male elephant in rut in the forest. They will be filled with pride like the owner of a rare and precious gem stone. With all these joyous feelings gushing out of every fiber of their body and mind, the Sri VaishNavAs present SaamagriyAs acquired in the most sAstraic manner to their Lord and offer upachArams and NaivEdhyams. This manner of performing AarAdhanam is known as ijyA.


The moving words used by Swami Desikan to describe the Lord, who has arrived at the Sri VaishNavan’s house to receive the AarAdhanam is “aruhu aNai iRaivan” (the Lord who sits right next to the BhAgavathan in response to his invitation to accept his AarAdhanam with ease and grace).

The great poet that Swami desikan is in Tamil, Sanskrit and PrAkrutham rhymes his salutation to this “aruhu iNai iRaivan” in this paasuram as

“aru vilai maNi yena adiyavar adaibhavar

aru kaNai iRaivanai aru kaNaiudanE”

Swami points out in a state of joy over the thought of the AarAdhanam performed by the adiyavars (VishNu dAsAs) and his words match beautifully. The Lord is the priceless gem (aru vilai Mani); He is the Soulabhyan (easy of access) sitting with grace and ease next to the Sri VaishNavan to accept his AarAdhanam (aruhu aNai iRaivan). He is the aruhil amarnthuLLa EmperumAn. Swami Desikan rhymes further and says that the Sri VaishNavan surrenders himself at the sacred feet of the Lord with the SaamagriyAs acquired with love for the ThiruvArAdhanam (arukaNai udan adiyavar adaibhavar). The “aruhu iNai iRaivan” is approached with “arukanai” by the ecstatic Sri Vaishnavan during his AarAdhanam. ArukaNai means the vasthus assembled with love for the ThiruvArAdhanam (ijyai).

Until now, we covered the three sections of VaishNava Dinasari from abhigamanam,upAdhAnam to Ijyai. The ThiruvArAdhanam takes place after MaadhyAhnika SandhyAVandhanam and ends up with the partaking of PrasAdhams offered to the Lord at the ijyai by the Sri Vaishnavan and his family.

We will now cover the last four verses of Sri Vaishnava Dinasari. The first two verses are devoted to the fourth section, SvAdhyAyam and the last two verses are for Yogam.

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 Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sathakopan

to be contd…

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