Srirangam Andal Malai Matruthal Vaibhavam


Srirangam yanai 3

Yesterday, 9 March 2014, Vijaya varusha Masi Mrugaseerusham;  was the 6th day of Tirupaliyodai Tirunal and NamPerumal emerged on Yanai vahanam at 8.00p.m. As like yanai (elephant) is very heavy in weight, SrirangamYanai vahanam is also quite heavy. So Sripadam Thangigal will march faster during the Purappadu. yesterday Namperumal returns to the vahana mandapam around 8.30 p.M.

Later around 9.30 Malai Matruthal  Vaibhavam took place near by Ul Andal Sannathi at Srirangam. Andal  gave a beautiful darshan with Muthu Kondai, First Andal malai was taken and given to Namperumal and Vice versa. Lot of Astikas had the Bhagyam of having darshan of Andal Malai Matruthal Vaibhavam.

For Yesterday  Purappadu at Srirangam  :

The  Video of Andal Malai Matruthal Vaibhavam

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