Thiruvallikeni Sri Parthasarathy Temple Sri Kulasekara Azhwar Purappadu


Kulasekara Azhwar Thiruvallikeni

Yesterday, 11 March 2014, Vijaya varusha Masi Punarpusam; is Kulasekara Azhwar’s Varusha Thriunakshatram, was celebrated in grand manner at Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Temple, Thiruvallikeni, Chennai. This is also day 4 of dhavana utsavam Kulasekara Azhwar Satrumurai took place Majestically with lot of Sevarthies ,In the evening  Perumal with his consort and  Kulasekara Azhwar Thiruveedhi Purappadu happens at  Thiruvallikeni. Lot of astikas took part in the Purappadu and had the Blessings of Azhwar and Perumal.

These are some of the Photos taken during the Occasion..

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Photography : Sri Thirumazhisai Kannan

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