Srirangam Kovil Masi Theppotsavam Day 8- Namperumal Mandapathilirunthu Theppam Thirumbuthal



 NamPerumal adorned killi malai (a garland of parrots) and came in purappadu with Nachimars to the Theppam.Before NamPerumal’s entering all the puja samagri were kept ready , punyavachanam was done. Jeer Swami was waiting inside along with Bhattar swamis dressed with silk headgear for the Float.NamPerumal’s Ashva vahanam that is the golden horse was inside. Several men holding huge bamboos took their positions to push the Float. After making three rounds the  Theppam was over. NamPerumal and Nachimars were brought to Mai Mandapam and left in Purappadu past  10.00p.m. It was 11.30 by the time they reached Moolasthanam. The Kaingaryaparaals are the major key players in arranging and conducting each and every utsavam. Here in this theppam we can see lot of Youngsters doing perumal Kaingaryam.

For Part 1 Theppam:  Srirangam Kovil Masi Theppotsavam Day 8- Theppam (Part-1)

For Purappadu photos  from Kovil Ashtanam  to Theppakula Ashtana Mandapam :

Here is the video of  Namperumal getting back to Theppam from Theppakula Mandapam …

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