Sri Swami Azhagiya Nambirayar Temple Brahmotsava Patrikai


Vijaya Varusha Brahmotsavam is scheduled to be  celebrated in grand manner at  Sri Swami Azhagiya Nambirayar Temple, Thirukurungudi, Thirunelveli District. The Brahmsotsavam started yesterday on 16th March 2014 and  take place until 26 March 2014.  Perumal Thiruveedhi purappadu mostly take place in morning as well as in the evening, devotees make it convenient to take part during Perumal Purappadu. The Thiruther is planned on 25th March 2014. All astikas invited to participate in the Brahmotsavam and get the blessings of  Divyadampatis

The following  is the patrigai showing the schedule for different events.

THirukurungudi Brahmotsavam 1_648x640 THirukurungudi Brahmotsavam 2_647x640 THirukurungudi Brahmotsavam 3_643x640 THirukurungudi Brahmotsavam 4_650x639 THirukurungudi Brahmotsavam 6_650x627


Courtesy : Sri Adiyen Ezhaiazhwar Ramanuja Dasan


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