Thirunangur Sri VanPurushothaman Perumal Temple Brahmotsava Patrikai



Sri VanPurushothama Perumal Vijaya Varusha Brahmotsavam is  scheduled to be celeberated in very grand manner at Sri VanPurushothama Perumal Temple, Thirunangur, Seerkazhi. The Brahmotsavam will be celebrated for 10 days from 18 March 2014 to 27 March 2014. Today as a day before Brahmotsavam, in the evening Angurarpanam will take place in the temple. Vidayatri Utsavam will take place on 28th march, a day after the brahmotsavam. All astikas are invited to attend the Brahmotsavam and blessings of Thayar and Perumal.

Here is the patrikai for schedule time of events on different days.

Sri van purushothaman Brahmotsavam


Courtesy : Sri Adiyen Elaiyazhwar Ramanuja Dasam


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