Thiruvellarai Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal Temple Brahmotsavam-Konavaiyali


As part of the Ongoing Brahmotsavam at Thiruvellarai Divyadesam, On 25 March 2014, Vijaya Varusha Panguni Kettai; is the day 8 of Brahmotsavam at Thiruvellarai. In the early Morning hours Pundarikaksha Perumal gave darshan in Kannadi Arai. In the evening Perumal Thiruveedhi Purappadu happens on Kudhirai  Vahanam.In his aswa vahanam Perumal goes a long journey towards the down of the Svetagiri. He reaches the Nulaivu Vayil Near the main road of the Thiruvellarai. As its hotter these days,  Water was splashed on the roads before perumal Purappadu to make it cooler. There was lot of Ubhayakaaras all the way to the temple. Large Number of Srivaishnavas took part in Veda parayana and Prabhanda Goshti during the Purappadu.  Lot of astikas participated in the purappadu and had the blessings of Perumal.

Here is the Video of the KonaVaiyali

For Kuthirai Vahana Purappadu  Photos :

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