Sri Rama Navami Purappadu At Chennai West Mambalam Sathyanarayana Perumal Kovil


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On April 8, 2014; Vijaya Varusha , Sri Rama Navami Utsavam was celebrated in a grand manner at Sri Sathyanarayana Perumal Temple, Srinivasa (P) Street, West Mambalam, Chennai. Sri Lakshmana Anjaneya sametha Sita Piratti and Sri Ramar gave darsanam in splendid alankaram. There was thiruveedhi purappadu on pallakk in the evening at around 7:30 pm. The thiruveedhis covered were Srinivasa (P) Street, Thambiah Street, Bhaktavatsalam Street and Arya Gowda Street. Prabhandha Goshti led the purappadu while the Veda Parayana Goshti followed the Divya Dampathis. The Sripada thangigal were a brisk and proactive lot and did their kainkaryam with atmost care. Several devotees in the area welcomed Thayar and Perumal with different offerings. The 10-day utsavam culminated into today’s event. On the previous days, Sita Ramar gave darsanam to devotees in various alankarams inside the temple premises (where photography is not allowed).

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today during the thiruveedhi purappadu…

Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_01 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_04 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_06 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_07 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_08 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_11 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_14 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_16 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_18 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_19 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_21 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_22 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_23 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_26 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_27 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_28 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_30 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_32 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_33 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_35 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_38 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_39 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_40 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_42 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_44 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_45 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_46 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_49 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_50 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_52 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_54 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_56 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_57 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_58 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_59 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_60 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_63 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_64 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_65 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_68 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_71 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_72 Sathyanarayana_Rama Navami_73

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