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Rajagopuram Samprokshanam At Chembur Sri Ahobila Mutt Temple


On April 9, 2014; Vijaya Varusha Panguni Pushyam, Rajagopuram Samprokshanam took place in a grand manner at Sri Ahobila Mutt Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple, Chembur, Mumbai. The three-day utsavam culmitnated into the day’s event. Several astikas participated in the utsavam and received the blessings of Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar. The

The following are some of the photographs and videos taken on the occasion. The videos include speech by Srisannidhi Aradhakar Thiruvelore Veeraraghavan swamin and Sri.U.Ve.Saranathachariar Swamin at the Rajagopuram Samprokshnam. It also includes Anugraha Bashnam by HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar telecast on Sankara TV during the Samprokshanam.

Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_00 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_01 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_02 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_03 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_04 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_05 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_06 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_08 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_10 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_14 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_15 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_16 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_17 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_21 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_22 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_23 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_27 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_28 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_29 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_31 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_32 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_33 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_39 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_40 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_42 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_44 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_46 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_47 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_49 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_50 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_51 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_53 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_54 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_57 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_58 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_60 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_63 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_65 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_67 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_68 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_74 Chembur_Rajagopuram_Samprokshanam_75

Photography and videos by Sri Veeraraghavan

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