Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswami Temple Adhi Brahmotsavam-Day 5 (Kalpavriksha Vahanam)


Srirangam Kalpavriksham_31

On April 9, 2014; Vijaya Varusha Panguni Pusam, the 5th day of Namperumal’s Adhi Brahmotsavam. was celebrated. Namperumal was in Sesharayar Mandapam for the day and left in Karpagavriksha Vahanam at 6.30p.m.As He came on the Chitra Streets, it was a dazzling sight. The Karpagavriksham is a tree which is wish fulfilling. The vahanam is a beauty to behold. On a platform of gold resting on a turtle of gold is the tree of gold forming the first cover, below is sighted the golden face of a lion at the centre of the prabhai,and below this¬† were the five golden hoods of AdhiSeshan and then the tall crown of gold adorning NamPerumal and ornaments of gold reaching up to His feet. What a sight!If these headcovers were not enough there was an umbrella of gold and the two white umbrellas which was deftly used by a kainkaryapara to hold up a low lying wire from touching NamPerumal.So mesmerising was the sight we forgot to ask anything and could only fold our hands in Anjali.

The following are some of the photographs taken on the occasion…

Srirangam Kalpavriksham_00 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_01 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_02 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_03 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_06 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_07 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_08 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_15 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_18 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_21 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_25 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_26 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_28 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_31 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_32 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_37 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_41 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_43 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_44 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_46 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_47 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_51 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_56 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_58 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_65 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_66 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_69 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_72 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_74 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_75 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_78 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_81 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_82 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_83 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_84 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_86 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_88 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_91 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_92 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_93 Srirangam Kalpavriksham_99
Write-up by Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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