Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswami Temple Adhi Brahmotsavam-Day 5 (Sesha Vahanam)


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On April 9, 2014, Vijaya Varusha Panguni Pushyam, Day 5 of Panguni Utsavam was celebrated at Sri Ranganathaswami Temple, Srirangam. At 4 am, Namperumal had purappadu from Kannadi Arai and reached vahana mandapam at 4.30 am. At 5.15 am, He started in purappadu from vahana mandapam on Sesha vahanam. After going round the four Chitra Veedhis, He reached vahana mandapam by 6.30 am. At  8.30 am, He left in purappadu for Sesharayar mandapam from where He left at 6.30 pm in Karpaga vriksha vahanam. Seshatvam is the lakshnam of a SriVaishavan and AdhiSeahan is an epitome of this quality. He becomes an umbrella and Padhukas when Perumal walks, a couch when He sits and a bed when He reclines. By having His darshan along with Namperumal we pray for acquiring this great quality.

The following are some of the photographs taken on the occasion…

Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_01 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_02 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_03 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_05 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_07 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_08 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_09 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_10 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_11 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_12 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_13 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_14 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_16 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_17 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_19 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_21 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_23 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_26 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_27 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_29 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_31 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_34 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_36 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_39 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_40 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_41 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_42 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_43 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_45 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_47 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_50 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_51 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_52 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_53 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_55 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_56 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_57 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_58 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_61 Srirangam_Namperumal_Sesha Vahanam_63
Write-up by Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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