Panguni Uthira Utsavam 108 kalasa Thirumanjanam At Chembur Sri Ahobila Mutt Temple


Chembur Thirumanjanam8

As part of the Panguni Uthira Utsavam at Sri Ahobila Mutt Temple, Chembur, Mumbai, 108 Kalasa thirumanjanam was performed to Sridevi Bhudevi Sametha Sri Prahaladavaradan, Sri Chenchulakshmi and Sri Andal on April 11,2014. Several astikas participated in the utsavam and received the blessings of the Divya Dampathis.

The following are some of the related photographs…

Chembur Thirumanjanam Chembur Thirumanjanam1 Chembur Thirumanjanam2 Chembur Thirumanjanam3 Chembur Thirumanjanam4 Chembur Thirumanjanam5 Chembur Thirumanjanam6 Chembur Thirumanjanam7 Chembur Thirumanjanam8 Chembur Thirumanjanam9 Chembur Thirumanjanam10 Chembur Thirumanjanam11 Chembur Thirumanjanam12

Photography by Sri Veeraraghavan

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