Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswami Temple Adhi Brahmotsavam-Day 8 Videos


Namperumal Vedupari

Vijaya Panguni Pooram (12.04.2014) was Day-8 of Panguni Ther utsavam at SriRangam.NamPerumal left Kanadi Arai in Purappadu at 6.30 in the morning and after accepting ubhayams on the way reached Yellakkarai Asthana mandapam at about 11.00a.m.

In the evening He left the mandapam on Kudhirai vahanam.When NamPerumal mounts vahanas they seem to get a new lease of life.The eyes seem alive and the nostrils seem as if they are breathing. Though inanimate it has the privilege of having Rangaraja on its back.This horse came across Kollidam with its Divine Rider as devotees gathered in large numbers on the banks of Kollidam and along the way to have darshan of their Perumal. On reaching Chitra Veedhi the procession took a left turn on North Chitra Veedhi which was filled with devotees. The Adhyapaka goshti was waiting for NamPerumal’s arrival and commenced their chanting sonorously. People wanting to see Vayyali moved fast before NamPerumal to occupy vantage points.The procession turned right on East Chitra Street. The Goratham(Chariot)was standing  at the corner .On sighting the chariot the horse gets berserk and runs at a great speed towards the Ratham. This is called Vayyali and the manner in which the Srimamthangigals manoevere is amazing. By their superbly co-ordinated movements the Vayyali was done in a straight fashion at such a speed that  was an exciting thing to watch. Then therewas  a zig-zag Vayyali or Kona vayyali which was simply thrilling. A child was calling out “Govinda” all the time and when the Vayyali ended there was a thunderous applause.After this NamPerumal returned to Kanadi Arai by 8.45 p.m.

Namperumal Getting Ready for Vayaali

Namperumal Vayaali Kandarulal

Writeup by : Vyjayanthi Rajan, Video by : Sri Rajkumar, Vishnu Studios Srirangam

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