Sri Aravamudan Sannidhi Thayar Utsavam: Serthi Sevai


Thirukkudanthai serthi sevai_02

On April 14, 2014; Jaya Varusha Chithrai Hastham, Day 10 of the ongoing Thayar Utsavam at Thirukkudanthai Sri Aaravamudhan Sannidhi took place in a grand manner with ekasimhasana sevai of Sri Komalavalli Thayar and Sri Aravamudan. On the previous day, Thayar gave darsanam on Thiruther. Several devotees had the blessings of Thayar and Perumal on both the days.

The following are some of the photographs taken on the occasion…

Day 10

Thirukkudanthai serthi sevai_01 Thirukkudanthai serthi sevai_02 Thirukkudanthai serthi sevai_05

Day 9

Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_00 Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_01 Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_03 Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_04 Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_06 Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_08 Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_10 Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_11 Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_13 Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_14 Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_15 Thirukudanthai_Thayar Utsavam_16
Photography by Sri Raghavasimhan, Sri Amuthan Kainkarya Sabha
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