Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswami Temple Adhi Brahmotsavam: Panguni Ther


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Jaya Varusha Chitra Hastham, April 14th 2014 was Day-10 of NamPerumal’s Panguni Ther Utsavam.It was also the first day of the New Year Jaya. SriRangamvasis were awake the whole of last night as Panguni Uthiram Serthi Utsavam was in progress. The whole place was filled with devotees waiting to have darshan of NamPerumal and Thayar in Serthi.This happens only once a year.At midnight SriRangam was bustling with activity. Devotees had the saubhaghyam of listening to Gadhya Trayam recited with devotion by the goshti. The Divya Dampathis in all their finery were a  feast for the eyes and Bhaghavadh Ramanuja’s Gadhya Trayam was a treat for the ears . Early morning  at the break of New Year the sight of Tirumanjanam for the Divya Dampathis was auspicious.Once Tirumanjanam was over it was time for  NamPerumal to get ready for the Ratha yatra.

At about 10.00 a.m. NamPerumal boarded the Goratham to make the rounds of Chitra Veedhis.Devotees rushed to hold the thick ropes (Vadam Pidditthal) to pull the chariot. Goratham had different colours and carvings and Garudazhwar seated with folded hands at the threshold was a picture of handsomeness. Devotees had good darshan of NamPerumal as the Goratham is open on all sides and does not have cloth hangings and other embellishments

In the evening after Tirumanjanam Sapthavarnam took place. During Sapthavarnam no musical instruments are played and NamPerumal enjoys the anusandhanam of Amudhanar’s Ramanuja Nuttranthathi while traversing the four Chitra Veedhis and returns to Moolasthanam after this.

Some of the photos taken during the occasion can be viewed below:

Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_03 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_04 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_11 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_12 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_14 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_16 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_18 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_20 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_22 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_24 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_27 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_28 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_31 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_32 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_40 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_43 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_45 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_52 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_55 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_58 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_61 Srirangam_Namperumal_Ther_71 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_02 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_03 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_04 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_05 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_07 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_11 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_14 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_27 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_36 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_44 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_47 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_53 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_57 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_60 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_61 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_62 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_66 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_67 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_72 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_78 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_80 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_81 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_89 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_91 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_105 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_114 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_126 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_127 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_130 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_136 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_139 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_142 Srirangam_Namperumal_Panguni Ther_162

Writeup by : Vyjayanthi Rajan

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  1. A big thanks to Vijayanti Rajan for the excellent coverage of the entire Panguni brahmotsavam. Felt like getting pushed at the Kona vayyali and could virtually enjoy the vadam pidithal of Panguni ther along the four streets of Srirangam. Adiyen’s anantha koti namaskarangaL


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