Sri Rama Navami Utsavam At Malaiyur Sri Kothanda Ramaswamy Temple


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The sixth Sri Rama Navami Mahotsavam of Malaiyur Sri Kothanada Ramaswamy was celebrated in a grand manner on April 8th, 2014. The uniqueness of the Mahotsavam at this Temple was Sita Kalyana Vaibhavam which was performed adopting the prescribed age old, vedic and traditional method. Sita Kalyana Vaibhavam was re-enacted very realistically by involving some devotees to represent as parents for Seetha as well as Rama. The ritual of exchanging garlands between Seetha and Rama was performed with a marvelous dance.

The value addition in this year’s Sri Rama Navami Utsavam – Annadhanam was provided for more than 300 devotees. Malaiyu Sri Kothanda Ramaswamy Baktha Jana Sabha Trust expresses its’ gratitude for all the support and co-operation extended by all the devotees who participated in theMahotsavam.

The following are some of the photographs as well as videos of the Mahothsavam…

malaiyur ramaswamy malaiyur ramaswamy1 malaiyur ramaswamy2 malaiyur ramaswamy3

Photography and videos by Sri R. Sridharan on behalf of Malaiyur Sri Kothanda Ramaswamy Baktha Jana Sabha

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