Vandavasi Sri Hari Anantha Sayana Perumal Thirukoil Kumbabhishekam


vandavasi temple

Sri Hari Ananthasayana Perumal Thirukoil Trust, situated in Gengapuram Village (Vandavasi), is in the process of building Sri Maha Vishnu temple – “Sri Hari Anantha Sayana Perumal Thirukoil”. The construction work in the verge of closure, the “Kumbabhishekam”, is scheduled to take place on June 5, 2014. Prior to this, the rituals will start taking place from June 2, 2014.

As the eleventh-hour work is in progress, the trust is soliciting generous contribution. In this connection, astikas interested in participating the kainkaryam may kindly contact Sri P. Sridhar at 9444063410 or Sri P.Murali at 9940030345. Interested astikas can also remit their contributions by bank transfer to the trust

Name : Sri Hari Ananthasayana Perumal Thirukoil Trust,
State Bank of India,
Kolappalur Branch,
Account No: 31867569174
IFS Code: SBIN0006225 ​

vandavasi temple kumbabhishekam1 vandavasai kumbabhishekam2 vandavasi kumbabhishekam3 vandavasi temple kumbabhishekam2

Information by Sri P. Sridhar

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