Namperumal Chitra Viruppan Thirunal Utsavam: Day 8


Vandaloor Chapparam

On, 26 April 2014 Jaya Chitrai Purratatadhi was the eighth day of NamPerumal’s Viruppan Tirunal. At 8.00 a.m. NamPerumal came riding on the silver horse vahanam.NamPerumal was adorned with heavy jewellery. There were beautiful ornaments on the back  as well, that caught our attention and the crown of rubies glistened. Chains and pendants and necklaces vyed with each other to be part of His alankaram.It was in Vandalur Chapparam that NamPerumal was to traverse the Chitra Veedhis but He decided that if earthly mappilais could go on a Kasi Yatra equipped with umbrella and curd rice and return after reaching the mandapam gates , He being AzhagiaManavalan should ride a small distance and return to Ranga Vilas mandapam to allow everyone to drink His Beauty The Vandalur Chapparam should actually be called Vandiyur Chapparam and resembles a mandapam completely decked with flowers of different hues emanating a sweet fragrance(Poo- Pandhal).The sight of NamPerumal on the silver horse in the middle of the Chapparam was a picture of regality. In the evening NamPerumal will mount on the horse of gold.

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Write-up by Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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