Kanchipuram Sri Devaraja Swami Perumal Kovil Vaikasi Brahmotsavam: Simha Vahanam


Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__13As part of the ongoing Brahmotsavam at Sri Varadaraja Perumal Thirukkoil, Kanchipuram, utsavar Sri Devaperumal had purappadu on Simha vahanam on May 12th 2014.

On the evening of the first day of Brahmotsavam, Perarulalan left the Kannadi Arai leaving the Ubaya Nachiyar’s behind with the Thalukku kondai, in the morning he wore the Venkatadri kondai during the Thanga Chaparam purappadu.

Kanchi Varadar Kovil is famous for so many things, like Perumal, Thayar, Kuzhal idli, Golden lizard, Silver lizard, Nammazhvar, Thirukkachi Nambigal, Ramanujar, Swami Desikan, Chakrathalvar……… the list Is endless. Kanchi Kodai is also one among the list as this is the widest Kodai. Every year Perarulalan gets new set of Kodai during the Brahmotsavam. This year also one devotee has done this kainkaryam.

This Kodai’s service for Perarulalan starts from his Purappadu in Simha Vahanam in the evening of the first day. There is no Kodai in the morning in Thanga Chapparam as the chapparam itself is the cover. As Devadhirajan, is the king of all Devas aptly for him, he is majestically seated and comes around in the tallest of his Vahanas, Simha Vahana.

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For Previous Day Utsavam :

The following are some of the photographs taken during the utsavam…

Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__02 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__03 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__04 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__05 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__06 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__07 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__09 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__12 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__13 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__14 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__15 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__18 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__19 Kanchi_Simha Vahanam__20

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